TRY THIS: Replace all your beverages with water and receive optimal health benefits

People are diagnosed with all sorts of health problems, all because they are dehydrated. Water is life. Water is one of the simplest cures, but so often it’s taken for granted. 10 percent of people don’t even have access to safe water. If you get headaches, feel tired in the middle of the day, and can’t seem to focus, then you are probably dehydrated. It’s time to think about replacing all your beverages with water.

Sure, the body might handle all that you burden it with – the sugary, carbonated drinks, the fake energy drinks, the dyes, caffeine, and alcohol. But when it comes down to thinking clearly, sleeping well, and having a good metabolism, you’re at your best when your cells are hydrated and detoxifying well. Why feel miserable? Why make yourself susceptible to chronic disease? Why depend on the medical system? Why feel tired throughout the day when you have the power to correct deficiencies with something as simple as hydration?

The problem starts at a young age. Schoolchildren aren’t getting enough water, period. Most teachers don’t permit drinks in the classroom. A sip at the water fountain isn’t enough. Since the brain is comprised of 85 percent water, wouldn’t it be wise to keep children hydrated, especially in a learning setting? If children were given more water to drink throughout the day (and allowed to breathe, move, and think for themselves) then there would be fewer ADHD diagnoses and disciplinary actions. In one study, grade school students who were allowed water in the classroom were more hydrated in the afternoon and scored higher on tests measuring visual attention. 67 percent of the students who depended on school water fountains were dehydrated by the afternoon and couldn’t focus well.

The problem of dehydration only gets worse in adolescence. Sugary, carbonated beverages, tall frappuccinos, and “energy” drinks are readily available and consumed with no care at all. The consequence is acidic, dehydrated cellular environments that struggle to detoxify and utilize nutrients. This can be devastating to health, especially at a time of growth and hormonal changes. Toxins that cannot escape, that aren’t being filtered out by the kidneys, will manifest themselves externally as acne, dryness, and even long-term skin problems. Water acts like a built-in beauty regime. Proper hydration allows hair and skin to glow. Dehydration dries out the skin, tightens it, and causes early wrinkles. Likewise, mood swings and errant behavior can indicate dehydration hormonal imbalance, and cellular starvation.

Going into young adulthood, chronic dehydration and malnourished cellular environments can erode entire body systems, afflicting important functions of the body. Infertility is on the rise in young adults. Chronic diseases that once affected older populations are now manifesting themselves in young adults.

Cellular hydration and detoxification

The simplest way to change the trajectory of your health is to start flooding the cells with clean water and living nutrients. A plant-based diet is hydrating at a cellular level. When you raise the pH (potential hydrogen) of cellular environments using alkaline-forming plant-based diets, you allow the extra hydrogen (H) to bond with damaging hydroxyl (OH) molecules. This process creates water (H2O), flushing the toxins from the cells.

By replacing all your beverages with water, you also allow your kidneys and urinary tract to function optimally. If the kidneys are overburdened, toxins can’t get out of the body. By drinking nothing but water, the burning sensation during urination will go away and the urine will begin to clear up. When the kidneys are healthy, metabolic rates increase too. Drinking only water will help you lose weight by stabilizing your metabolic rate.

Other benefits of switching to water

You will automatically avoid artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which is linked to brain cancer and birth defects. You won’t take in excess sugars and calories that only add to your waistline. Your adrenal glands won’t be overworked with daily doses of caffeinated drinks just to give you a short-lived “energy” boost to get through the day. Your liver won’t suffer the hazardous effects of alcohol. And, you won’t have to worry about bloating, digestive issues, and skin problems which are common side effects from drinking milk products.

To give your cells clean water, find a validated water filter that ensures water that is free of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and total trihalomethanes.

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